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Once upon a time... Anne Robillard

Born on February 9, 1955, in Longueuil, Quebec, the eldest daughter of a ballet teacher (PIERRETTE GAGNÉ) and an actor (JEAN-CLAUDE ROBILLARD, among others Grand-papa Bi’s voice in Passe-Partout), she grew up in the magic of the performing arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Université de Montréal in French and translation, and worked as legal secretary at Ogilvy Renault for 27 years and as a freelance translator for three years.

FANTASY and fantasy have ALWAYS been part of his writings
For 30 years, she tirelessly presented her novels to publishers who found them excellent, but who had no fantastic collections at the time. Thanks to the Harry Potter phenomenon, they understood that this literary genre had its place in Quebec and finally gave it a chance. The first volume of the Emerald Knights was born on October 15, 2002 and the series was completed in 2008. It has 12 volumes and has sold more than 6,000,000 copies in Quebec and France. It is currently being translated into several languages and the first volumes are now available in English, in digital version.

Since its beginnings, this saga has been used in French high school classes to the delight of Quebec students. Teachers choose her because she has the power to convince young people to read, even the most recalcitrant. But its clientele is much wider still.  The Emerald Knights appeal to young people of heart from 7 to 97 years old. In the line-up for signings, there are as many children, teenagers, parents and grandparents. They are also of all ethnicities and social strata.  Many adults often admit to him that they did not read until they had crossed the first lines of the Emerald Knights.

Anne received the Grand Prix littéraire Archambault in 2006 for the fifth volume of the Chevaliers d'Emeraaude and the Prix des lecteurs du Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières in April 2007, in addition to being nominated for several other awards in Quebec and Europe. But she doesn’t write to get awards. She does it to give readers a healthy escape.

It was also approached by producers who wanted to adapt the saga to television or cinema, but it is not as easy as we think to find a production house that respects the values of the Knights. She is therefore always looking for a producer on the same wavelength as her, who will not change any of the elements of her series, but who will make her even more fabulous on the screen.

The saga of the Emerald Knights was followed in 2010 by The Heirs of Enkidiev, which tells what happened to these heroes at the end of the war against the Black Emperor.  In 2006, Anne published Who is Terra Wilder?  a fantastic story received in a dream 10 years before that of the Knights, followed in 2010 by Captain Wilder, who tells the continuation of the adventures of this mysterious man with an arthurian past. Twelve years later, in 2022, she finally published the third part of this trilogy, Béthanie Wilder.

In 2007, it offered the series A.N.G.E., in 10 volumes, which recounts the rise of the Antichrist during the seven years of the Tribulations that will precede the end of the world. In 2010, she also released from her binders an esoteric series, Alexanne’s Wings, written 30 years ago, when she tried to explain death to herself, as well as the great mysteries of the invisible world. Initially, this series was supposed to be a trilogy, but to meet the demand of its readers, in 2022, it already had 10 volumes. Anne intends to conclude it in the twelfth volume. 

In 2012, at the suggestion of her younger sister, who loved the series when she was young, Anne began publishing Les cordes de cristal, written in the 1980s when rock was a part of her life. In 2014, she published an esoteric trilogy entitled The Return of the Thunderbird, which explains the purpose of our presence on Earth and the role that the central character agreed to play even before his birth. In 2016, she published another saga of HEROIC FANTASY STEAMPUNK entitled The Knights of Antares (which is the sequel to the Emerald Knights and Enkidiev Heirs).  In 2019, before continuing the adventures of Wellan d'Emerald in a new series, she decided to publish a unique book (only one volume) on secret societies, The Knights of Swords.  Then, also in 2019, she wrote the seven volumes of The Curse of Dragensblöt, received in a dream in 2001, which patiently waited 18 years in her head. She recounts the efforts of a family that has suffered a curse for 900 years... In 2021, to the delight of Wellan’s admirers, he set off on an adventure with none other than Onyx in the seven volumes of Legends of Ashur-Sîn.

In 2023, it will publish two new series: the first two volumes by Maynard Bennett, investigator of the strange, a sequel derived from the Curse of Dragensblöt, as well as the first two volumes of Enkidiev’s Magicians (which will once again feature Wellan), in response to his readers who wanted to know why there were only two magicians in the Emerald Knights. It will also offer its readers an unpublished volume of the Emerald Knights to kick off the new edition of this saga. She may also add a second novel to her collection of unique volumes, the Lord of the Ocean…

In 2022, Anne agreed to write a small children’s book for Éditions Michel Lafon and France Inter, in the collection Une histoire d'Oli, entitled Néraïda de l'Olympe. She lent her voice during her recording for the podcast on Radio-France.

In 2011, Anne embarked on a new form of writing, comics. With the precious help of TIBURCE OGER, she has published so far 7 comics of the Emerald Knights and, together with CRISTIAN PACURARIU, she has produced one of the series A.N.G.E. - Genesis.

Since 2008, she has also published companion books for some of her series to provide readers with a wonderful visual of each.


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