The Universe of Terra Wilder 

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The starting point

I wrote Who is Terra Wilder?  ten years before I started the Knights of Emerald saga.

This novel was supposed to be a unique book, but every time I gave a conference, the first question I was asked was: when was the next Terra Wilder? I replied that there were none, unfortunately. Then, after a few years, I dreamed the next one, Captain Wilder, to the delight of readers. And guess what? During my conferences, I was asked: When will Captain Wilder’s sequel be? Well, in the end, it will be a trilogy. Bethanie Wilder is born at the end of 2022!

NB: Since my contract with my publisher is now over, the first two volumes have been republished under the banner of Wellan Inc.


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Coincidence? Fatality? 

Wishing to forget the tragic accident in which he lost his wife and which nearly cost him his life, Terra Wilder moved to a small town in Canada to teach philosophy. As soon as he arrived, strange phenomena occurred: his students began to worship him, the trees tried to grab him in his path, and his wife’s ghost came to haunt him. He also discovers that his hands possess a mysterious power...



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