The Universe of the Knights of Swords 

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The starting point

In my opinion, this unique volume (yes, there will be no sequel to it) is more part of my esoteric works than among my fantastic works, because I address the fascinating subject of reincarnation.

This is a story that affects me very personally for reasons that I may tell you one day. What would happen if we could all remember the details of those other lives that we lived before this one and, even better, if we could soften the outcome? It is this reflection that I propose to you in this novel.

For now, the Knights of Swords is the only title in our collection of unique volumes, but I promise you others on various subjects that I will not be able to develop in series.


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The first single volume! 

There are hundreds of secret societies on Earth. Some have had to put an end to their activities, but others continue their occult work despite all the efforts of their enemies to make them disappear.
Ninety-six-year-old Dr. Charles Mulligan clings to life in British Columbia because he absolutely wants to know what happened to his adopted son, Thomas.

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A story of secret society... shuuut!


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