The Universe of Enkidiev 

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The starting point

It was not planned...

When the last volume of the Emerald Knights was published in 2008, I still had in my memory a dream I had in 2001 about a series about ghosts (which I finally published in 2019 – yeah, 18 years later…) But I began to receive hundreds of emails from readers asking me about the Emerald Knights. I even got sued at the grocery store by a fan who begged me to continue the saga. It was finally when I received a letter from an 11-year-old reader who said, You can’t stop there. We don’t even know what’s on the other side of volcanoes!” I thought he was right. I waited in vain to have a dream about it. Since I did not, I proceeded differently to write the Enkidiev's Legacy.

My goal was to make you discover Enlilkisar. As I have a troupe of actors who play my characters in the book salons and at signing sessions, I invited them in small groups to the restaurant. I threw ideas on the table and let them improvise, while taking notes. This is how I found my guideline for the Enkidiev Heirs, which is fifteen years after the end of the war against Amecareth. Some readers have criticized me for the lack of fighting in this series, but my goal was the exploration and unification of the peoples on the other side of the volcanoes under the protection of Onyx. I think it is important for an author not to always write the same thing and to show his readers that he has more than one string to his bow.


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Here is the continuation of the saga of the Emerald Knights.

The Black Emperor was defeated and the magician soldiers returned home to continue their lives. Now that the war is over, these brave heroes and their children have two choices: to live a quiet life or to continue exploring their universe?



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